Electric Sheep Launches StreamJam Beta

Posted on August 5, 2010

The Electric Sheep Company (ESC) has launched the first beta version of StreamJam, a free app for putting live events – and particularly live music – online in a virtual venue.  The beta app includes a virtual currency usable for purchasing virtual goods that support the performers as well as dancing, embedded live video streaming, and other interactive features.

ESC founder Sibley Verbeck: “This is a major milestone for StreamJam, since it is now available for any artist to use and demonstrates how to the virtual goods business model of popular Facebook games can generate more revenue from artists’ live events and online fanbase.  It’s just the beginning, however: this is an early beta launch, and ESC will be rapidly adding a long list of important features over the next few months.”

StreamJam is currently being used by a group of beta artists who are putting on regular events to experiment with the new platform.  The first artists putting on beta events are Seth Regan, Matthew Perreault, and Zak Claxton, some of the leading artists who also play live in the virtual world of Second Life.  In the coming weeks, the StreamJam beta will be used by a wide variety of artists, from country to hip hop and independent musicians to major label acts.

To use StreamJam for an upcoming event or to put it on your website, contact us.

Zak Claxton 8-4-10